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KLH is an audio company founded in 1957 as KLH Research and Development Corporation in Cambridge, Massachusetts, by Henry Kloss, Malcolm S. Low, and Josef Anton Hofmann. KLH was purchased in 2017 by David P. Kelley, longtime Klipsch and VOXX executive and renamed KLH Audio. Watch for the launch of our new products at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show January 9-12, 2018!

Our History:

Our Founder

Henry Kloss, the iconic and beloved founder of KLH, got his start in loudspeaker design while a student at MIT. He was fondly dubbed by Wes Phillips of Stereophile in 2002 as “The Man Who Changed Audio and Video– Time and Time Again”, and was the first inductee into the regaled CEA Hall of Fame. He co-founded or founded Acoustic Research, KLH, Advent, Cambridge Soundworks, and Tivoli, introduced Dolby B Noise Reduction to the consumer market in the first popular high-fidelity cassette deck, and won an Emmy Award for the first large screen projection television for home use with the Advent VideoBeam 1000, featuring the Novatron Tube.

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KLH Model Nine Photoshoot

Take a look from one of our recent Photoshoot of our Model Nine Speakers.

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